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The Omala Valley Riding Club welcomes you to the greatest of all Ionian islands Kefalonia the land of contrast and of unparalleled beauty; the island that succeeds to captivate every visitor; the island where one can admire the fascinating Mount Aenos with its slopes covered with tall, cedar like fir trees that grow no where else in the world.

Nestled in this splendid backdrop the Omala Valley Riding Club offers you the opportunity to improve your riding skills and the freedom to explore the stunning mountain scenery on horseback. They have Eight horses at the riding club and Seven of them are available for riding. They are all in excellent condition and include Ukranian, Andalusian, Warmblood breeds. Tuition is available to a very high standard for those wishing to improve their skills.

The horses range from 15.2 to 17.1 hands high and are of good temperament. They are stabled and graze on the premises where they are well cared for and shod by an English farrier.

Omala valley Riding offer a full weeks riding holiday including accomodation and food. More details here or via the link below.

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Situated in the heart of the Omala Valley, a stones throw from the St. Gerasimo Monastery. Look For a Tree lined avenue whee you will find one of only two Roundabouts on the whole island. A small turning off this takes you to the riding club. It is well signed from most resorts and easy to find.

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Riding from- 18.00
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photo of Omala valley riding school Lassi race track

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They run daily rides of between 6 and 10 miles from the centre and twice weekly longer rides of about 20 miles. The pace is slow to moderate taking 3/4 hours each morning.

Meandering between Olive Groves and vineyards with stunning views. The long rides are along mountain paths of the breathtaking Mount Aenos ( 1628 metres - higher than Ben Nevis). We take regular rest breaks where you will be able to admire the fabulous views.