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A traditional style greek Taverna. Persa's is the place to eat, sample the atmosphere of Kefalonia its traditional food without chips! and warm relaxed friendly lifestyle. The restaurant serves only traditional greek dishes but caters for Vegetarians and Children. There is lots of space for children to run around whilst eating their meal!

Persas Taverna has a fantastic range of dishes, exotic and basic and a large selection of dishes unique to Persas. There are a good range of traditional Greek appetisers including cheese pies, home made sausage and giant beans. One of the most noticeable things about Persas's menu is that she cooks everything herself in the traditional way. Eating here is as you would expect in a Greek house, some of you may remember when Persa used to invite people to her home for meals before she started her taverna.

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Located in the Village of Katelios it is found on the main road leading out to Argostoli just past Mythos Pool bar on the left hand side next to Gallini appartments.

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Persas continued

Persa herself is well known among holiday makers and locals with many holiday makers returning year on year to eat her food and enjoy the atmosphere. Although often overlooked in the first days as it isn't on the sea front once you have eaten there you wont forget it. Many holiday makers ensure they eat there again on the last day of their holiday.

A separate bar area has an extensive drinks menu ranging from Greek coffee and cappucinos to milkshakes and soft drinks They have a huge selection of wines and beers and an even bigger selection of cocktails!
Recently added is the new water fall feature that certainly adds to the atmosphere that is Persa's.

restaurant kefalonia facilities key
Toilets yes
Payphone no
Visa/Mastercard yes
Children yes
Play areas yes
Sea views no
Views yes
Disabled yes
Vegetarian yes
Cappucino yes
Parking yes

Beers -
Red wine 1ltr -
Greek salad -
Yoghurt & honey-


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